Live For Eternity, an iconic brand established in 2023 by the visionary designer, creative , and all around artist BainsMassacre in the heart of Underground Atlanta , has left an indelible mark on the vibrant streetwear landscape. Rooted in the creativity that is the downtown art scene and drawing from the diverse tapestry of music genres, Bain’s original creations and innovative fabric choices serve as a canvas for self-expression. This unique brand has resonated with a diverse audience, from rebellious youth to rock and rap legends. Live For Eternity maintains its position as a fashion trailblazer, continually pushing boundaries with Custom Holographic designs, Undeniably Awesome Zip Up hoodies , distinctive fabric treatments, and the groundbreaking “Magic” collection— a birth of a new generation of fashion in the streetwear scene .
'MAGIC' Hoodies Collection
Live For Eternity Zip Up Hoodies
Eternity Holographic Hoodie

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